Post-doc in Self-Healing Materials

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering has a current enrolment of approximately 1,700 students, making it one of the largest faculties of TU Delft. The faculty is one of the highest-ranked internationally and is unique in Europe.

Although the faculty's primary focus is on the development of aerospace systems, the application of such systems plays an equally important role. Research explores subjects ranging from earth observation to wind power and other sustainable energy technology. The working atmosphere at the faculty is friendly, open-minded and dedicated.

The NovAM group is dedicated to the development of novel materials for aerospace and space applications. The group is truly international in composition and has become world-leading in some of its fields of expertise. The group's research focuses on fundamental concepts but also aims to develop successful concepts to a level suitable for absorption by the aerospace industry.

Self-healing materials are the result of a novel concept aimed at bringing a high degree of reliability and durability to engineering materials. The excellent durability of self-healing materials does not stem from the classical approach of minimising damage but from the novel approach of engineering materials with 'self-healing' capabilities. In the field of self-healing polymer composites, two approaches are currently being pursued, that of hollow fibres and that of hollow capsules, each containing the healing agent. Our approach is based on a novel fibre architecture which minimises the drawbacks of both existing approaches. Hence, the aim of the vacant position is to optimise our new fibre architecture and to quantify the healing efficiency of model composites as a function of the imposed damage and the fibre architecture. The results of this work are expected to lead to a number of well cited publications.

Applicants should have a doctoral degree in polymer science and technology and/or polymer composite fracture mechanics. The position is ideal for creative scientists keen to make their personal mark in this emerging research field. Demonstrated ability in written and spoken English is required.
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