Post-doc in Systems Biology

The 3ME Faculty trains committed engineering students and PhD candidates in groundbreaking scientific research in the fields of mechanical, maritime and materials engineering. 3ME is the epitome of a dynamic, innovative faculty, with a European scope that contributes demonstrable economic and social benefits.

The Delft Centre for Systems and Control (DCSC) coordinates the education and research activities in systems and control at Delft University of Technology. The Centre’s research mission is to conduct theoretical research for eventual application in the areas of system analysis, optimisation, control theory and signal processing. Applications include mechatronics and microsystems, sustainable industrial processes, transportation and traffic control, and physical imaging systems.
The group actively participates in the Dutch Institute of Systems and Control (DISC).

Systems Biology is an interdisciplinary field that pursues data-driven, model-based studies of biological organisms and functions. The use of quantitative models is intended to be tightly coupled with biological experiments. Within this project, we pursue the development of quantitative models within a conceptual framework to study and understand competition and cooperation among organisms interacting within a resource-constrained environment. The theory of dynamical (evolutionary) games provides the basis for understanding the interaction and the dynamics between populations of such organisms. The solution of these games over sets of possible strategies is related to specific optimality conditions for the populations under study. The project will investigate the construction of new, ad-hoc optimality conditions over certain game-theoretical problems. The use of new metrics for optimality will allow us to establish a framework to understand survival properties and competitive strategies as well as cooperative behaviours among interacting populations of organisms. The project intends to leverage interactions with colleagues in biology in order to provide specific expertise and experimental counterparts to the theoretical results to be developed within this research.
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