Spencer Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Equality of Opportunity and Education

The McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society is seeking two post doctoral scholars for a project focused on issues of equality of opportunity and the public provision of education.

These fellowships have been created with funding by the Spencer Foundation. The fellows will join the community of post doctoral fellows at the Center but will be selected on the basis of their fit with a new multi-year project on Equality of Opportunity and the Public Provision of Education. We seek scholars with a PhD (from disciplines such as philosophy, education or one of the social sciences) or a JD with research interests related to (any of) the following questions:

1. What ideal of equality should govern the public provision of education?
2. What are the implications of this ideal for concrete decisions about school financing, admissions practices, and the national, state, and local distribution of educational responsibility?
3. What are the practical obstacles to achieving this ideal in education?

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