Andrew W. Mellon Graduate Research Fellowships

The Penn Humanities Forum was launched in the spring of 1999 with a "Celebration of Philadelphia Writers" organized by Wendy Steiner. That three-day event brought together dozens of local novelists, poets, and scholars in historic and cultural venues throughout the city. 

Over 2000 Philadelphians attended the readings, walking tours, performances, and lectures, and thousands across the country saw these re-broadcast on C-Span. The Celebration epitomized the Forum's mission: to use humanistic knowledge and expertise to promote an ongoing cultural conversation involving artists, academics in various disciplines, and the general public.

The Penn Humanities Forum announces ten Mellon Research Fellowships of $1000 each, designed to encourage humanistic inquiry and exchange. Applications are invited from Penn graduate and professional students in all humanities-related areas who are pursuing research related to the Forum’s 2011–2012 theme, Adaptations.

At biweekly meetings of the Graduate Humanities Forum (GHF) during the year, Fellows present their own research, respond to the work of their peers, and discuss shared readings.

The year's work culminates in the annual Graduate Humanities Forum international spring conference, organized and run by the GHF Fellows, PHF Research Assistant, and GHF Faculty Advisor (Prof. Warren Breckman in 2011-12).
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