Master's and PhD grants at Austrian Partnership Programme in Higher Education & Research for Development

he consortium Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD-GmbH) and Latin-America Institute (LAI) implements the new programme of Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) for the promotion of academic partnerships between 'South and North'.

According to the development policy trend in Europe and the ADC ‘Strategy on Higher Education and Scientific Cooperation’ the new 'Austrian Partnership Programme in Higher Education and Research for Development - appear' for the period 2010-2014 supports partnerships between higher education institutions in Austria and ADC key regions. The objectives are to improve the quality in teaching and research, to make the management and the administration at the involved institutions more effective and to strengthen the scientific dialogue nationally and internationally.

Under the superordinate goal of poverty reduction appear also contributes to a discourse in society about quality and orientation of development in general. The institutional partnerships are based on a cooperative collaboration and mutual respect for different cultural contexts and approaches. It is also based on issues that are of high relevance particularly for the partners in the 'South'. The exploitation of the results also follows a participatory approach – for example through mutual exchange of teaching staff or joint publications and presentations.

Students and professionals from the eligible countries are invited to apply to the Master's and PhD programme of appear. Their studies are expected to be in line with the development priorities of their home countries and the thematic focus of the programme. The objective is to contribute to institutional capacity development and poverty reduction in their home countries by completing their specific Master’s or PhD studies or parts thereof at an Austrian university. The studies enable them to contribute to the improvement of higher education and research in their home countries and institutions. They are involved in academic partnerships and/or will contribute to further establishment of academic partnerships.

The age limits for applicants take the specific needs and living conditions of women in the South into account:
- Master's: not older than 30 years (for women not older than 35)
- PhD: not older than 35 years (for women not older than 40)
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