Postdoctoral position: Nanoelectromechanical switch devices for logic application

There is an immediate opening for a postdoctoral research position in the nanofabrication group at the IBM Research – Zurich laboratory for research on nanoelectromechanical (NEM) switch devices for logic applications.

To overcome the power issue of current CMOS technology, the microelectronic industry needs radically new devices that drastically improve the energy efficiency of microelectronic systems. One promising — yet still largely unexplored — technology is based on NanoElectroMechanical (NEM) switches, which are expected to produce significant improvements in energy efficiency. In this project, we are investigating the viability of this technology by developing a competitive and manufacturable device platform, by performing materials research to address inherent reliability issues, and by developing tools and methodologies to build complex logic.

To strengthen our interdisciplinary team, we are seeking a highly motivated individual with very good interpersonal skills and a strong background in designing and testing NEM systems as well as in applied materials science.

The successful candidate will play an important role in the design and testing of NEM devices. Â Hence we are seeking candidates who have a thorough understanding of the physics related to nanoscale electromechanical devices, experience in the design and characterization of such devices as well as extensive experience in using multi-physics simulation tools (such as ANSYS). Good knowledge of micro- and nanofabrication in addition to familiarity with logic design would be an asset.
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