12 PhD Fellowships at Genomics and Molecular Physiology of Fruits

Genomics and Molecular Physiology of Fruits (GMPF) is an international PhD Programme in Fruit Plants Genomics and Molecular Physiology that represents 17 research institutions from 11 different countries.

The programme was launched in 2009 and it is based at San Michele all’Adige (TN), Italy.

GMPF offers once a year PhD scholarships for high level international research projects and collaborations in fruit biology through a network involving prestigious institutions.

The PhD fellowships are advertised internationally and are awarded following stringent selection procedures . Successful candidates carry out research projects involving at least two of the participating institutions and will have access to state-of-the art facilities in the participating institutions. The outstanding quality of the research organizations involved in the PhD programme will ensure access to top level research formation and training to GMPF fellows.

Students will also have the opportunity to receive specialized summer courses aimed at methodological and technological updating.

Talented and motivated candidates who have, or are expecting to obtain a Master or equivalent degree in a field relevant to the research undertaken within the GMPF programme, are invited to submit their application on-line.

The on-line application is open from 20 January to 18 February (12 pm central European time)

Short listed candidates will be invited for an interview on 13-15 April

Candidates can postulate for one to three specific projects chosen among the 32 proposed ones. For this call, Fellowships are available to support 12 PhD students for 3 to 4 years. Each project is developed as collaboration between researchers at the Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) and one or more GMPF partner institutions.

The official working language is English.

Fellowships include a salary of 20.000 Euro per year (before taxes), which is provided for 3 years with the possibility to extend it for 1 more year, pending the approval of the Tutor Committee. Students will also benefit of bench fees and reimbursement for travelling to the other partner institutions.

Note that the GMPF PhD programme does not handle requests for registration as PhD student. FEM is a research Foundation and cannot issue the PhD degree. Therefore successful candidates will have to register as PhD students with the University partner of the project or with another University.

Fellow students will have 1 year from when the fellowships starts to register as PhD students. If at the end of the first year the selected candidate is not yet registered as PhD student, the fellowship will stop.

The PhD curricula are carried out according to the rules of the University where the candidate is enrolled. In addition to the official graduate certificate issued by the University, the GMPF PhD Programme issues a specific certificate.
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