2 PhD scholarships in Macroecology and Macroevolution

Two full-time PhD scholarships are available in the Department of Biological Sciences for a suitably qualified domestic or international candidate. Only one scholarship is available for an international student.

Please quote the allocation reference numbers 2010320 and 2010321 on your application form.

Research projects may focus on any plant or animal taxonomic group having a substantial fossil record. The ideal group would also have substantial living diversity and the potential to be studied in the context of both community ecology and systematics. Data to be compiled and synthesised will include two or more of the following:

  • Fossil presence-absence and abundance data to be entered into the Paleobiology Database
  • Similar data for extant communities
  • Ecologically important attributes such as body mass and ecomorphology
  • Phylogenies based either on molecular or morphological data

Topics to be addressed may include mass extinctions, diversity dynamics, latitudinal gradients, community assembly rules, dynamics of evolutionary trends, phylogenetic diversity, calibration of molecular clocks, and comparisons of local and global patterns.

Applicants should have a keen interest in biodiversity and strong skills in quantitative methods. Familiarity with relational databases, programming, and software such as R, PAST, or PAUP would be advantageous.

Prospective applicants should, in the first instance, submit a cover letter detailing relevant experience, a CV and an academic transcript to the principal supervisor: John Alroy, email: john.alroy@mq.edu.au telephone: +61 2 9850 8185

The MQRES full-time stipend rate is $22,860 pa tax exempt for 3.5 years.

Applicants will need to complete a candidature/scholarship application form and arrange for two academic referee reports to be submitted to the Higher Degree Research Office. Refer to: http://www.hdr.mq.edu.au/information_about/applications for further application instructions. Macquarie University will advise the successful applicant of entitlements at the time of scholarship offer.
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