5 Postdoctoral Research Fellows at Australian Synchrotron

The Australian Synchrotron, a major national facility, provides researchers from Australia, NZ and further afield, with a powerful tool for fundamental, applied and industrial research. 

The facility has applicability to a diverse cross-section of research areas, contributing to structural molecular biology, environmental science, materials science and medical diagnosis and therapy. In order to do so the synchrotron operates a number of beamlines and accelerators for use by external users who are allocated fixed periods of time on the equipment in order to perform their experiments.
The Positions

The Australian Synchrotron is seeking dynamic, proven early-career researchers to join a dedicated and driven team. The Postdoctoral Fellowship positions are offered as fixed term contracts and appointees will join specific technical areas that include: Accelerator Science, Microcrystallography (MX2), Powder Diffraction (PD), Imaging & Medical (IMBL), or Small Angle/Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS/WAXS).

If you enjoy a challenge and are seeking an opportunity to showcase your research talents through striving to produce quality research outcomes, then this is the position for you.

More information about each project is provided below:
Accelerator Science

The candidate will conduct research into advanced feedback and adaptive control algorithms. The candidate will be involved in practical experiments to optimize the existing accelerators and beamlines performance as well as conducting theoretical studies into feedback and control algorithms for future accelerator and beamline development projects.
Contact Head of Accelerator Science and Operations Greg LeBlanc for more details on 61 3 8540 4209
Macromolecular Crystallography (MX2)

The appointee will need high level programming skills suitable for the development of the controls and user software at the MX beamlines. This will include creating new tools for user science with an emphasis on the processing of structural biology data. The appointee will also have the opportunity to conduct their own research.
Contact Principal Scientist Tom Caradoc-Davies for more details on 61 3 8540 4187
Powder Diffraction (PD)

The Powder Diffraction Beamline team is seeking candidates with interests in structure elucidation using powder diffraction methods, particularly where this applies to the fields of energy and hydrogen storage and materials development and characterisation. The research programme will employ a range of materials characterisation techniques in order to enhance the information gained through crystallographic studies. Candidates for this position will have strong practical research skills and will ideally have a background in crystallography, and/or powder diffraction.
Contact Principal Scientist Kia Wallwork for more details on 61 3 8540 4162
Imaging & Medical (IMBL)

The primary research activities of IMBL are X-ray imaging/CT, radiobiology/radiotherapy and instrument development. Candidates for this position will have synchrotron radiation experience and a hands-on approach to experiments. Their background can be biomedical, engineering and/or X-ray instrumentation. They will have a unique opportunity to collaborate with physiologists and clinicians dedicated to translating our large pre-clinical programs to applied clinical research with patients.
Contact Principal Scientist Daniel Hausermann for more details on 61 3 8540 4114
SAXS/WAXS Beamline

The appointee will study the interaction between proteins and lipid membranes using small-angle X-ray scattering. The scope of the research is to investigate, using biochemical and biophysical methods, both the structure of protein in lipid environments and also the effect of protein on the structure of the membrane i.e. induction of curvature etc. Candidates should have a strong background in the area of membrane proteins and biological membranes and have demonstrated skills in the preparation of proteins and liposomes.
Contact Principal Scientist Nigel Kirby for more details on 61 3 8540 4169
The Candidate

The Postdoctoral Research Fellow must:

* Have been awarded a PhD in a relevant field.
* Have a strong research track record and be prepared to work with a high level of independence.
* Have research experience in a relevant field.
* Be eligible to work in Australia.
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