Arab World Social Innovators

Arab World Social Innovators (AWSI) program will identify and support men and women who are the founders of businesses and civil society organizations whose work is intended to improve the well being of those living in the geographies where they operate. Innovators are eligible who are engaged in doing work in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine or the United Arab Emirates.

The AWSI program, Chaired by His Excellency Sheikh Tariq Bin Faisil Al Qassimi, provides professional and financial support to help social innovators transform already successful models into larger-scale enterprises or non-governmental organizations.

Members of the first AWSI Program are leaders of projects promoting jobs and economic development, more sustainable agriculture, services for people with disabilities, opportunities for youth leadership development and civic participation, and the preservation of local crafts and culture - a total of 22 such initiatives altogether.
Program Benefits

If selected as a Social Innovator, you will have access to:
  • Leadership Development workshops and events designed to strengthen the skills and experiences to help your innovation achieve its goals and objectives.
  • Training provided by Synergos staff, business leaders and experts.
  • Peer Learning offered by others in the current Program and other social innovators.
  • Networking with business, government, philanthropic and other civil society leaders in your area and across the world to leverage your innovation and make a greater impact.
  • Financial awards of $12,500 per year, for each of two years, to help you develop your social venture.
Selection Criteria
The points listed below describe the qualities and characteristics that Synergos is looking for in a Social Innovator. Candidates should meet all of the five main selection criteria.
  • The Idea: Social innovators must possess a creative idea, solution or approach to a social, economic, environmental or other problem that will make an impact on the alleviation of poverty and inequity.
  • The Entrepreneur: Social innovators must be driven by a vision to promote social progress and break old patterns of action and perception. S/he will persevere to refine, test and spread a remarkable new idea, methodology or approach to improve the quality of life for people in their community and beyond.
  • The Impact: Social innovators must lead social innovations that have already demonstrated significant social impact at a local level with the potential to serve a larger population or geography.
  • The Potential: Social innovators must demonstrate the potential for scaling up their initiative by securing needed talent, capital, technology and other resources.
  • The Values: Social innovators must be persons who have demonstrated a high standards of personal and professional conduct along with a genuine commitment to helping the community. Candidates will not be considered who advocate any form of discrimination against race, ethnicity, sex, religion, age, or disability.
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