Australian-American Health Policy Fellowship

The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing hopes to enrich health policy thinking as Australian-American Health Policy Fellows study how Australia approaches health policy issues, share lessons learned from the United States, and develop an international perspective and network of contacts to facilitate policy exchange and collaboration that extends beyond the fellowship experience.

Australian-American Health Policy Fellows are open to accomplished, mid-career health policy researchers and practitioners, including, academics, clinicians, decision makers in managed care and other private sector health care organizations, federal and state health officials, and journalists.

The Fellowships provide up to $58,000 (AUD) for terms of six to ten months, with a minimum stay of six months in Australia required.

Focused on issues of common concern to Australian and U.S. policymakers, the fellowships are structured around areas of mutual policy interest, for example: health care quality and safety, the private/public mix of insurance and providers, the fiscal sustainability of health systems, the health care workforce, management of health care delivery, and investment in preventive care strategies.

Candidates must complete a formal application, including a project proposal for a study that will inform health policy in Australia and the United States. Proposals should address one of the program's areas of interest and clearly demonstrate:
  • the intention to combine research and practical experience;
  • relevance to both the United States and Australia;
  • achievable outcomes, given the duration of the placement; and
  • the potential to advance policy in Australia and the United States.
Candidates may indicate the organizations to which they would prefer to be attached, but final decisions on placements are made by the program's advisory committee in Australia.

Up to two fellows will be selected annually. Once selected, the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing will assist fellows in refining their research projects and introduce fellows to Australian policy experts, with whom they will be encouraged to discuss their projects to gain further feedback. With guidance from its advisory committee, the department will help identify and place fellows with mentors who are experts in the policy area to be studied. Depending on the nature of the project, fellows will be placed at academic institutions, in commonwealth or state health departments, or at other health agencies. Leading policy experts will be assigned as mentors and will supervise fellows' research, provide technical expertise and guidance, and facilitate access to data, colleagues, and organizations.
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