Boston Schweitzer Fellows

Founded in 1992, the Boston Schweitzer Fellows Program is the oldest of twelve Schweitzer program sites across the U.S.

Since the program’s inception, Schweitzer Fellows in Boston—competitively chosen from health-focused graduate student applicants in a variety of fields—have worked tirelessly to address health disparities and the social determinants of health throughout the greater Boston and Worcester areas.

To read more about what being a Schweitzer Fellow in Boston entails and to find out how to apply, please visit our application page. Click here to download an informational one-pager about the Boston Schweitzer Fellows program, which is funded entirely by charitable donations and grants. Make a gift, make a difference!


Since 1992, more than 430 Schweitzer Fellows have provided over 85,000 hours of service to Boston and Worcester’s most vulnerable communities. Partnering with area community-based organizations, these Fellows have addressed a wide variety of unmet health needs by creating and carrying out yearlong projects with direct service at their core. Examples include the following initiatives:

• Establishing a long-term community-based effort to reduce morbidity and mortality related to chronic kidney disease in Boston’s Asian and Pacific Islander populations
• Developing a homelessness prevention program for at-risk individuals with mental illness
• Launching a free health clinic that delivers culturally competent care to Worcester’s African immigrants
• Increasing community participation in social and service networks for LGBT elders
• Creating a curriculum for adults with developmental disabilities who have been diagnosed with diabetes
• Addressing the obesity epidemic by providing nutritional counseling and physical activity programs for underserved children
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