Canon Collins Trust and Edinburgh Business School Distance Learning MBA Scholarships

Canon Collins Trust was founded in 1981 as the education arm of the ‘Defence and Aid Fund’.

The Fund, set up in the 1960s by anti-apartheid activist Canon Collins, paid for legal costs and provided welfare support for individuals and families of those accused of political offences including treason by the South African regime. Canon Collins Trust enabled South African and Namibian political refugees to have educational opportunities denied to them by apartheid.

Edinburgh Business School is working with Canon Collins Trust to select applicants for the Distance Learning MBA Scholarship. Unlike our other scholarship schemes, this is open to applicants from all over sub-Saharan Africa.

The aim of the scholarship programme is to support life-long learning amongst communities where it will make a positive contribution towards their development, and give individuals valuable post-graduate education which will enhance their future careers.

Successful candidates will be already in work, or self-employed, and at a point in their life and career where this MBA will make maximum impact for themselves and their community.
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