Communication for Sustainable Social Change Award

This annual Award honours outstanding contributions by individuals or organisations to the theory and practice of Communication for Sustainable Social Change (CSSC). 

Inter-governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), international, regional, and national academic and professional communication associations, international media networks, and communication and social change consortia are encouraged to submit nominations for this award.

The CSSC Award:
  • Recognises major theoretical innovation and knowledge generation in the field of communication for sustainable social change;
  • Acknowledges innovative and practical communication and social change projects that have contributed to sustainable development; and
  • Appreciates the contributions made by individuals and organisations whose moral courage and extraordinary commitment to CSSC expands the boundary of what is possible in this field.
In selecting the award winner, the CSSC Jury will consider both significant contributions to the theory of CSSC and notable achievements in applied communication practice. The theoretical and practical work of award nominees should reflect and/or be directly relevant to contemporary international work being done in the field of CSSC. The jury will also consider the pioneering contributions made by theorists and practitioners to CSSC. Nominations that demonstrate an innovative approach and a strong commitment to long-term sustainable development are also sought.
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