Cordes Fellowships

Cordes Fellowships provide exceptional social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders engaged in poverty alleviation and economic justice enterprises the opportunity to participate as Delegates in the Opportunity Collaboration.

The purpose of the Fellowship program is to (a) open doors, minds and networks for emerging social entrepreneurs and nonprofit executives, (b) enrich the Opportunity Collaboration with new, emerging leaders and (c) infuse the collaborative discussions with a diversity of perspectives.

In total, 50 Cordes Fellows take part in all aspects of the Opportunity Collaboration. In addition, Fellows earn a certificate of completion awarded by the University of the Pacific Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship. “At the Opportunity Collaboration, I honestly learned more in the past few days than in a semester in business school.” -- Cynthia Koenig, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Wello, USA. “From my learnings at Opportunity Collaboration I felt confident that it was time to start sharing my story, so I'm now sharing it across a variety of mediums. Thank you so much once again for the OC opportunity, it really was a personal and professional game changer.” -- Adam Braun, Founder & Executive Director, Pencils of Promise, Cambodia.

Fellows attend a special networking breakfast on the first day of the Opportunity Collaboration. In addition, they attend three ninety minute courses on areas critical to the success of organizations and individuals creating social impact and combating poverty. Topics are:
  • Converting Your Idea Into An Investable & Bankable Enterprise
  • When & How To Scale Your Enterprise
  • Social Investor & Impact Donor Fundraising
Finally, along with other Delegates, customized capacity-building clinics are offered. For times and locations
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