European Masters in Engineering Rheology

European Masters in Engineering Rheology is to offer an advanced education programme on Rheology and its applications to different Engineering areas. 

EURHEO combines the expertise of six leading European Universities in the field of Rheology and the syllabus is designed to provide its graduates with the necessary competences to understand the relevance of Rheology in Materials Science and Engineering and apply the knowledge gained in solving real-world engineering problems both autonomously and included in multidisciplinary research teams. 

The Masters Course has duration of 120 ECTS credits, or 2 academic years, using English as the language of instruction. In the first year the students take the Primary Studies Programme in one of five partner Universities according to their background and area of election. This first year is designed to give students a strong basic education in the different areas of Materials Science and Engineering to which Rheology is directly relevant. 

The second year consists of an Integrated Studies Programme, taken at a different University from that where the student attended in the first year. Initially, general courses on the main areas of application of Rheology are offered, these being designed to impart to students basic knowledge on Materials Science and Engineering, Instrumentation and Experimental Rheology and Theoretical and Computational Rheology. These are followed by Advanced Topical courses that are devoted to the in depth study of particular areas of Rheology that are of specific interest to each individual student. Finally, a R&TD project geared towards scientific or industrial research is undertaken. Each student will have an individually tailored study plan for the two years. 

The Higher Education Institutions involved are the University of Minho (Portugal), Leuven Catholic University (Belgium), Louvain Catholic University (Belgium), University of Huelva (Spain), University of Calabria (Italy) and the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). The awarded degree will be a Double Degree from the institutions involved in each student’s mobility. The admission criteria include a good quality undergraduate degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS credits or equivalent qualifications in relevant areas such as Engineering, Exact Sciences and Natural Sciences
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