Goldman-Rakic Prize for Outstanding Cognitive Neuroscience Research

was initiated in 2003 in honor of Patricia Goldman-Rakic, Ph.D. It is given annually to recognize outstanding research in cognitive neuroscience. A $40,000 cash prize is awarded.

The NARSAD Patricia Goldman Rakic Prize for Cognitive Neuroscience Research is given in recognition of a research scientist who has made distinguished contributions to the understanding of cognitive neuroscience. After Patricia Goldman-Rakic's tragic death on July 31, 2003, Connie and Steve Lieber established an award of $40,000 and an honorary lecture at Yale University to honor her memory and her formidable accomplishments. 

The award is specifically for excellence in neurobiological research at the cellular, physiological, or behavioral levels that may lead to a greater understanding of underlying psychiatric or neurological disease. The Prize is presented each year, in the fall, at the NARSAD Gala Awards Dinner.

Nominations: If you would like to nominate someone for the Goldman Rakic Prize, please contact the Research Grants Program for additional information at grants@narsad.org
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