Günter Schmölders Fellowship

The Schmölders-Stiftung für Verhaltensforschung im Wirtschaftsleben will award a post-doctoral fellowship in the field of social economics or a related discipline. 

Dedicated to the memory of the economist Günter Schmölders (1903–1991), the fellowship seeks to pay tribute the research Schmölders conducted in the United States by supporting transatlantic scholarly exchange.

The Schmölders Fellowship will support research trips of at least three months’ duration. It is open to German scholars to travel to the United States and, conversely, American scholars to travel to the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Schmölders Fellowship carries a stipend of € 7,000 and will be awarded annually. It may be supplemented by funding from the recipient’s home institution or host institution abroad.

Eligible applicants will hold a PhD in economics or a related discipline in the social sciences or humanities.

Applications must include:
  • curriculum vitae and list of publications
  • certificates (since final degree)
  • a description of the applicant’s project and research plans for the period of the fellowship
  • an invitation and offer of workspace from an institution in the host land.
Please send your applications until July 1 of every year to:

Schmölders Stiftung für Verhaltensforschung im Wirtschaftsleben
c/o Maecenata Management GmbH
Herzogstraße 60
80803 München
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