Ian Axford Fellowships in Public Policy

Established in 1995 by the New Zealand Government to reinforce links between New Zealand and the US, the Fellowships provide the opportunity for participants to gain firsthand knowledge of public policy in New Zealand, including economic, social and political reforms and management of the government sector. Three to four Fellowships will be awarded each year.

The programme has three goals:
  • to reinforce New Zealand-United States links by enabling Americans of high intellectual ability and leadership potential to come to New Zealand to gain experience and build contacts in the field of public policy development;
  • to help improve the practice of public policy in New Zealand and the United States by the cross-fertilization of ideas and experience in the two countries; and
  • to build a network of public policy experts on both sides of the Pacific, and encourage ongoing policy exchange between New Zealand and the United States.
Fellows will be based at a relevant government agency in Wellington and carefully paired with a leading policy expert who will serve as their mentor. In addition, they will be expected to spend a substantial part of their Fellowship in contact with other relevant organisations to gain practical experience in their field in New Zealand. These contacts may include an extended or part-time placement.

Candidates are expected to have made contact with the organisation(s) in New Zealand they wish or expect to be placed with, prior to applying. Final decisions on placement will be made by the Fellowships Office, after full consultation with Fellows, host organisations, and the programme's expert advisors.

At the conclusion of their fellowships, before returning to the United States, Fellows will be required to submit a policy report for publication by the Fellowships Office and to participate in a report-back seminar where they make an oral presentation to an invited audience and interested members of the public.
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