IFAR Grants and Fellowship

IFAR is a results-oriented foundation that supports partnerships, collaboration, and awards as a means of fostering scientific excellence in agriculture and related fields. 

It is a public charity headquartered in the U.S.A., where it has the legal status of a 501(c) 3 organization, i.e. it can receive and disburse funds from public and private sources to serve the public good.

IFAR's three programs were established in 2003. They:
(a) Supported the CGIAR Science Awards Program;
(b) Supported promising young scientists and policy makers from the developing countries, by providing additional training and professional development opportunities and through CGIAR-supported Centers, consistent with their strengths and interests;
(c) Exercised stewardship of CGIAR reserves.
IFAR also explored distance learning opportunities building on the capacity of the CGIAR-supported Centers.

IFAR's Professional Development Grants:
In support of its mission, IFAR annually provides small grants to professionals from national agricultural research systems in developing countries (NARS). The award made to the youngest woman grantee each year will be designated the Ravi Tadvalkar Memorial Scholarship, in recognition of the many contributions to the organization by IFAR's first Treasurer and Secretary, his commitment to capacity building in developing countries, and his concern about diversity and gender issues.

IFAR also manages the IFAR Wilfried Thalwitz Scholarship established in his memory by the family and friends of the late CGIAR Chair for research linked with CGIAR Centers.

Nominations for these awards must be sponsored by one or more CGIAR Centers, and the work programs proposed by applicants must be closely linked with the program of a CGIAR Center. Applicants are encouraged to collaborate with Center scientists when preparing their project proposals for submission to IFAR.
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