IMI PhD Scholarship at Nanyang Technological University

The IMI-PhD program is a full-time multi-disciplinary PhD program that typically requires 4 years to complete the degree. 

Each year, the program admits 10-15 students. Each student is affiliated to a College within NTU and follows the PhD program within the specific College. IMI program hosts/admits PhD students who intend to do research on Media and Technology domain essentially with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Depending on the requirements of the College, the first 18-24 months may consist of coursework, written comprehensive examination and a confirmation examination. Upon successful completion of the required coursework and examinations, students are advanced to PhD candidacy.

During the course of the program, students function as research and teaching assistants. This assistanship is normally under the supervision of their prospective supervisor or any other regular faculty. This assistantship introduces and immerses them in research and academic activity.

Students are expected to conduct their own research, prepare and present their dissertation proposals to the faculty and students. The formal PhD dissertation is examined by both internal and external examiners. Finally, students will defend their work in an oral examination. Upon successful completion of these stages, students will be conferred the Doctor of Philosophy degree by Nanyang Technological University under the Nanyang PhD program.

The IMI PhD Program is at the core of IMI's effort to promote New Media. Playing a crucial part in ensuring the future of New Media in Singapore, IMI aims to educate the next generation of scientists and technologists and encourage them to share and benefit from their knowledge of engineering, business, design, educational and behavioral research.

The admission for the program takes place twice a year in August and January.
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