The Institute for International Law and Justice Scholars Program

The Institute for International Law and Justice (IILJ) Scholars Program awards scholarships in amounts up to full tuition to students with outstanding academic backgrounds and strong international law interests. IILJ Scholars participate in internships, research programs and IILJ events during their time at NYU.

IILJ Scholars also have the possibility in their second year to apply to enter the four-year J.D.-LL.M. in International Law, a highly selective program providing advanced specialist training in international law. IILJ Scholars in the 3-year or 4-year programs will have the opportunity to develop a substantial research agenda and publication record in international law, supported by opportunities for practical engagement and field research.

The 4-year J.D.-LL.M. is a unique and innovative addition to NYU Law School’s academic programs. It is designed for students seeking specialist academic expertise in international law. The program aims to provide close mentoring and specialist training for a small number of outstanding students who will go on to make a significant contribution to scholarship, teaching and innovative practice in the field of international law. The three-year J.D. program is followed by a one-year Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) that combines research and writing with some course work. Throughout the program Scholars will participate in academic colloquia, including presentation of their own scholarship during the LL.M. year, and in special seminars with leading scholars and practitioners in international law. Individual mentoring by international law faculty is a key component of the program. Potential mentors include all the members of the IILJ Faculty Advisory Committee (Professors Philip Alston, Jose Alvarez, Kevin Davis, David Golove, Ryan Goodman, Robert Howse, Benedict Kingsbury, Martti Koskenneimi, Mattias Kumm, Samuel Rascoff, Linda Silberman, Richard Stewart, J.H.H. Weiler, and Katrina Wyman), along with many other NYU Law faculty.

This 4-year program is designed to overcome the growing challenge in a three-year J.D. program of obtaining both an outstanding general legal education and the depth of specialist expertise and proven publication record that helps bring success in some of the most exciting parts of the international law job market. International law is a specialized and complex field. For the academic and international organizations job markets in particular, where a portfolio of high-quality written work is required, J.D. graduates are increasingly seeking not only clerkships and practical experience, but also post-graduate research and course work in international law. The NYU J.D.-LL.M. offers an integrated program of specialized training that is made possible by NYU Law’s unique range and depth in international law faculty, courses and programmatic resources.
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