Journal of Environmental Investing to fund Scholarship Program for original research on environmental investing

The Journal of Environmental Investing Scholarship Program will award US$3,500 annually to a graduate student who writes the most original and rigorous manuscript on a topic related to environmental investing. 

Students seeking an advanced degree in a discipline related to environmental investing (for example, environmental science, environmental policy, sustainability, finance, economics, environmental law, and public affairs and policy) are invited to present ideas and research.

The JEI SP was founded in 2010 by a gift from the Journal of Environmental Investing to promote, encourage, and support interdisciplinary scholarship by active graduate students who are studying in relevant fields. The Program’s goal is to facilitate capital flow to effective, scalable solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

“Developing and deploying market-based solutions to global and local environmental problems requires rigorous interdisciplinary scholarship,” said Angelo A. Calvello, Ph. D., founder of the Journal of Environmental Investing Scholarship Program and Editor of Journal of Environmental Investing. “The Journal of Environmental Investing Scholarship Program offers a modest but important opportunity to students seeking advanced degrees to think critically and provide original, influential scholarship on a topic related to environmental investing.”

“We’re not asking students to submit new investment ideas or business plans; instead, we’re asking them to contribute to our understanding of how to advance the discourse on environmental investing for the 21st century through rigorous scholarship.” (Please note that the paper should focus on the environment and investing, and not on the scientific issue of climate change.)

The JEI SP has created a Selection Committee, which is comprised of scholars and practitioners in the various areas of environmental investing, that will vet the submissions and pick the winning manuscript.

Dr. Alex Rau, CFA, Principal at Climate Wedge Ltd, and Selection Committee member, sees the Journal of Environmental Investing Scholarship Program as “a unique initiative that will play a critical role in promoting thought leadership and original research. The Program hopes to encourage and recognize the contributions of students who will be the future practitioners of the environmental investing field.”

Interested and qualified students are invited to submit a curriculum vita, a 225-word abstract of his/her manuscript, and a letter from his/her college or university attesting to the applicant’s academic status.
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