Master Course Color in Informatics and Media Technology

Since 2008, the CIMET Consortium, composed of four European Universities renowned within the color research community, offers a two-year Master Course Color in Informatics and Media Technology.

The CIMET Master programme is broadly interdisciplinary and the course curriculum covers innovative areas such as color, photonics, computer vision and imaging science, computer science and multimedia technology. The programme objective is to educate students in advanced methodologies and models in computational color science. With a perfect mix of relevant theoretical and practical knowledge, CIMET post-graduates will be in the position to engage in further academic research or join major companies in the IT industry.

CIMET offers three areas of specialization: Color Imaging Science, Spectral Color Science and Media Technology. These fields, being emergent, rapidly evolving, and of growing impact on the Information Society Technologies, require specialists and specialized competencies.

The specificities of the CIMET Master also lies in the innovative pedagogical methods of teaching and learning and the Cross-European mobility scheme offered to students and teaching staff. Those two aspects are indeed enhancing the excellence and value of the Master programme.

The CIMET curriculum is intended for top level graduates in physics, optics, imaging science, computer science, mathematics, or any discipline pertaining to the quantitative description of color, with a fluent knowledge in spoken and written English. Courses are structured according to the ECTS with 120 credits acquired over four semesters of full-time study.
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