Master in Food Innovation and Product design

The Erasmus Mundus Master in Food Innovation and Product Design (EMM- FIPDes) is a two year academic programme in the field of food science and product development.

A limited number of excellent university groups within the EU contribute to the programme, offering high quality international training both in terms of scientific knowledge and didactic skills. The EMM-FIPDes aims to provide a European dimension in the knowledge-intensive area of food Research & Development and will be highly relevant for both EU and third-country students who wish to contribute to the development of innovative, sustainable and healthy food products. 

The overall objective of the EMM-FIPDes course is to provide top-level and up-to-date education that qualifies the graduates to cope with the huge challenges in the sector of food innovation along with product design and packaging, while developing the aptitude to adapt to future developments. The EMMC-FIPDes added value is its integrated approach “from materials to packaged product”, including technical, entrepreneurial and theoretical knowledge in food innovation merged in a teamwork-based learning system. The close relationship with several R&D food groups makes the curriculum especially designed to take into consideration the needs of potential employers. 

In this course four academic institutions collaborate intensively to offer joint study modules in addition to their existing curricula: AgroParisTech (France), UNINA University (Italy), LUND University (Sweden) and DIT (Ireland). Universities from third countries also contribute actively to the curricula as associate members (Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and Korea). 

Four further key points characterise EMM- FIPDes: -1- a pedagogical method based on working by project and team management; -2- the strong involvement of the R&D sector; -3- the molecular gastronomy approach applied to the formulation of innovative food as a transversal and integrated module; -4-a second transversal joint module of Innovation Integrated Food & Packaging Project. 

The first year of studies will impart to the students a broad knowledge of food science, technological and entrepreneurial skills. Students will attend half-year courses in France and Ireland. 

The second year will give them the opportunity to specialise in one of three well-defined options: 1: Food Design and Health (at UNINA, Italy), 2: Food Design and Engineering (at AgroParisTech, France), and 3: Food Packaging Design (at Lund, Sweden). The research training will be done on a R&D topic in one of the research departments of the Consortium or associate members, according to student specialisation and professional plans. The official language of EMM-FIPDes is English with ample opportunities to learn the local language and food culture. Upon graduation, each student will receive a triple (AgroParisTech, DIT, UNINA) degree, i.e. National Master Degree certificates with a Joint Diploma Supplement from the four Universities.
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