Peace Revolution Fellowship for Media Professionals

The Peace Revolution Project was started in 2008 when someone pretty cool decided to start talking to the world about what he believed: Inner Peace can lead to World Peace, if people could just learn how to find inner peace for themselves! He got together with some other people who believed the same thing... and, well, here we are!

Media can essentially influence human behaviors, ideologies, values, and lifestyles as we are inevitably exposed to it 24/7. Professionals in this field ought to have responsibilities to be accurate and honest. They ought not to incite prejudice, hatred, or violence. More importantly, they have the opportunity to promote peace and reconciliation. This concept of peace media and journalism is relatively new, but it is an important ingredient in creating a superior standard of the media. Yet, how can we promote peace to others if we don't have peace within ourselves?

We believe that a creative idea comes from a beautiful mind. A beautiful mind arises from peace… within (or Peace In). During this fellowship, participants learn basic meditation techniques and develop their own inner peace. Participants also contribute through discussions on how one's inner peace can be used to promote outer peace through media and media education. That’s why our peace equation: “Inner Peace + Outer Peace = Sustainable World Peace” is being formed.

Peace Revolution is a project that aims to provide a new paradigm-shift on the peace building process by means of the Inner Peace Time (IPT) and young peace activists through its online social media. Our IPT method is designed for all people, regardless of nationality, race, and religion. It is a universal tool in dealing with our own problems, ranging from stress, depression, familial dysfunctions, and global crises at large. Presently, Peace Revolution has about 2,000 young participants online from 140 countries around the world. There are 62 active Peace Agents aged 18-30 from 36 countries who joined three Peace Revolution workshops, conferences and training camps during 2009-2010.

Peace Revolution Fellowship will cover the cost related to accommodation, food and local transport during a one-week stay in Thailand. We have limited support on air travel and cannot pay for visa, health, and travel insurance.
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