WMO Fellowships

The purpose of the WMO Fellowship Programme is to enable the fellowship holders to derive from their training the knowledge and professional competence which will increase their ability to make essential contribution to enhancing the capabilities of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS) and enable them to participate more actively in the economic and social development of their countries.


The fellowships granted by WMO are for studies or training in meteorology and hydrology at universities or training institutes in countries where facilities are available. Special consideration is given to requests for WMO fellowships for training at one of the twenty-three WMO Regional Training Centres (RTCs). As fellowships are awarded only at the request of the candidate's government, the candidatures must be endorsed by the Permanent Representative of the candidate's country with WMO. Applications from individuals are not accepted.

The Programme is cross-cutting and constitute an integral part of each WMO Scientific Programme. The planning and management of fellowships are therefore closely coordinated through the WMO Fellowships Committee and with the staff of the Scientific Programmes concerned.

The traditional fellowship funding sources which include:
  • The Regular Budget (RB);
  • Approved projects financed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP);
  • The WMO Voluntary Co-operation Programme (VCP); and
  • Approved Trust Funds (TF) projects.
Developing and implementing tripartite fellowship schemes where a donor Member agrees to support a trainee from a recipient country for study in a relevant RTC, rather than only going to the donor Member’s country would be encouraged as much as possible. Some Member countries of WMO who do not contribute funds to the VCP fellowship programme are prepared to consider fellowships in meteorology, hydrology and related subjects under their respective bilateral assistance programmes and others also assist through the Technical Co-operation among Developing Countries (TCDC) programmes. These should be exploited as and when possible.
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