Derek Canfield Barker Prize

The Derek Canfield Barker Prize was established in 1994 through a gift from Richard C. Barker '57 and Abbie D. Paterson '57 in memory of their son. The purpose of the Prize is to recognize students at Brown who have shown qualities of leadership, who have triumphed over adversity, and who have worked to bring the Brown community together through community service.

Two prizes of $4,500 are awarded annually at commencement to one male student and one female student who are completing their junior years and who:

* have successfully overcome obstacles of a learning, economic or personal nature;
* have demonstrated commitment to building community on campus and to building strong ties between campus and the larger community;
* have demonstrated leadership among his/her peers;
* have demonstrated understanding of the purpose and meaning of his/her chosen work; and
* have demonstrated commitment to service to others.

To qualify for the Barker Prize students must have participated in a sport at Brown (it may be on a team or intramural level). Students do not have to be receiving financial aid to qualify for the prize. Students do not have to have top grades but must demonstrate that they have worked to the best of their ability.

Nominations must include a letter of nomination from a member of the University faculty or staff and an essay by the nominated student. Both the nomination letter and student essay should address the criteria listed above. While faculty or administrators are the official nominators for the prizes, students are encouraged to approach faculty for nomination to this prize.
Nominations should be addressed to Janet Isserlis (janet_isserlis@brown.edu).
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