Fulbright S&T Award

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State sponsors the International Fulbright Science & Technology Award for Outstanding Foreign Students (Fulbright S&T)to provide exceptional foreign students with an opportunity to pursue Ph.D. study at top U.S. universities. Fulbright S&T is designed to be the most prestigious international scholarship in science and technology and to demonstrate the United States’ commitment to welcoming top-notch future researchers and leaders to pursue serious scientific study and research at U.S. institutions. Grantees receive three years of funding from ECA followed by support from their U.S. host institution until the completion of Ph.D. programs.

Who participates in Fulbright S&T?

International Fulbright Science and Technology Grants are available to more than 140 countries worldwide. To date, the S&T Program has welcomed 155 students from 69 countries. Approximately 45 students per year are selected from a worldwide competition. They enroll in diverse fields at the top U.S. universities. To be eligible for the program, nominees must apply from their country of citizenship, have a bachelor’s degree, and cannot be currently studying at a U.S. institution or living in the United States. Like traditional Fulbright participants, they must exhibit leadership skills and represent their culture in American communities. S&T grantees must also demonstrate unique aptitude and innovation in scientific fields and plan to return to their home countries to make a contribution to society using the scientific knowledge that they have gained while in the U.S.

What scientific fields are eligible for Fulbright S&T?

* Aeronautical Engineering
* Agriculture (theoretical or research-based focus only)*
* Astronomy/Planetary Sciences
* Biology
* Biomedical Engineering
* Chemistry
* Computer Science
* Energy
* Engineering (aerospace, electrical, chemical, civil, industrial, mechanical, ocean, and petroleum)
* Environmental Science/Engineering
* Geology/Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
* Information Sciences/Engineering (engineering focus only; business-focused study is not eligible)
* Materials Science/Engineering
* Mathematics
* Neuroscience
* Oceanography
* Physics
* Public Health (biostatistics or epidemiology)

* While agriculture tends to be a fairly applied field of study, those wishing to pursue theoretical and research-based study in such areas as entomology, plant biology, plant pathology, and soil science are eligible for this Award.

What benefits does the Fulbright S&T Award provide?

Grantees will receive the following during the first three years of ECA funding; after the initial three years, support toward the completion their Ph.D. programs will be provided by the host institution:

* Initial application assistance
* Tuition and related fees
* Housing allowance, monthly stipend
* J-Visa Sponsorship for 3 years (following the 3 years, IIE will assist participants in transferring their visa sponsorship to the institution)
* Book and equipment allowance
* Research /Lab allowances
* Professional conference allowance (international travel options)
* Tailored S&T Enrichment Activities
* Health / Accident coverage
* International travel expenses: tickets, in-transit expenses
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