Graduate Fellowship Fund at Gallaudet University

The Graduate Fellowship Fund (GFF) is one of three separate funds made possible by the half-million dollar Centennial Fund that was presented by the Gallaudet University Alumni Association (GUAA) to Gallaudet in commemoration of its centennial anniversary (1964). This fund makes up half of the Centennial Fund. Its principal has been established by the University as a permanent endowment. Its investment is the responsibility of the GUAA Board of Directors.

Purpose of the Fund
By agreement between the GUAA and the Board of Trustees of Gallaudet University, the income from the investment of the GFF is used to provide financial assistance to deaf graduates of Gallaudet University and other accredited colleges and universities in pursuit of graduate study at colleges and universities for people who hear normally.

The GFF is administered by the GUAA Board of Directors. The GFF Committee consists of seven members appointed by the GUAA. Their terms of office are four years. Members may be reappointed. The executive director of the GUAA or his/her representative is an ex-officio member of the GFF Committee.

A list of nominees for fellowship awards, the amounts, terms, and duration of such grants, shall be recommended by the GFF Committee, subject to approval by the GUAA Board.

No restrictions are placed upon eligibility because of race, color, sex, creed, or nationality. In cases of equal qualification, preference is given to applicants who are citizens of the United States. To qualify for a fellowship, the following criteria must be met:

* Hearing Status—The fellowships are intended for deaf or hard of hearing students. Audiological assessment comparable to that required for admission to the Gallaudet University undergraduate program may be the qualifying factor in this respect. The assessment should not be more than three years old.
* Education—The minimum educational criterion will be admission to an accredited graduate program.
* Program of Study—The applicant must have been accepted in an accredited graduate program in a college or university. A letter to that effect from the college or university must be supplied with the application.
* Preference shall be given, to the extent practicable, to applicants who possess a master's degree or the equivalent and are seeking a doctorate.
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