Marla Ruzicka International Public Service Fellowship

The Watson Institute for International Studies announces support of up to $3,500 for the Marla Ruzicka International Fellowship. 

This is awarded annually to support the summer plans of one Brown University undergraduate who displays the characteristics of compassion, determination, and selflessness in the pursuit of international human rights, post-conflict rehabilitation or international public service in its most noble spirit, and whose summer plans reflect those traits.

Such characteristics were the defining traits of Marla Ruzicka's remarkable and all-too-brief life. A dedicated human rights activist, she arrived in Afghanistan shortly after the fall of the Taliban to record the effects of conflict on civilian communities. She lobbied diligently and effectively to seek compensation for those families whose homes had been destroyed in the Afghan conflict. From Afghanistan, Marla went to Iraq. She founded the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC), which was dedicated to assisting civilian victims of the conflict in Iraq. Marla's compassion and dedication touched all who met her, and her tragic death in April 2005 was deeply felt by those who had benefited from her selfless work.

This fellowship has been made possible through the generosity of Lucinda B. Watson, daughter of the late Thomas J. Watson, Jr. '37 and member of the Watson Institute Board of Overseers.

This fellowship is highly competitive, and applicants should consider the following guidelines carefully:

* Summer plans must relate directly to international human rights, post-conflict rehabilitation, or international public service, and may involve research, advocacy, service, an internship or any combination;
* The fellowship may be carried out in the United States or anywhere in the world;
* Freshmen are ineligible;
* Students must be enrolled at Brown during the time of their project/internship, i.e. seniors graduating in May 2011 are ineligible;
* Preference will be given to rising seniors and juniors who have not received Watson fellowship funding in the past;
* Institutional affiliation is very important – students must demonstrate that there is a real opportunity available that they will be pursuing for the summer (for example, internships must demonstrate firm support from the organization involved); and
* Summer-long plans (10-12 weeks) will be given priority, and those under 8 weeks in length will not be considered.

Important criteria for judgment will include:

* The extent to which the fellowship constitutes a logical part of the student's personal and professional trajectory;
* The project's relevance to international human rights, post-conflict rehabilitation or international public service; and
* The student's academic standing.

Interested students are responsible for developing their own projects or finding their own internship opportunities. Funding will be provided only for unpaid opportunities and will not cover fees to participate in study abroad, exchange or other similar programs (e.g., Amigos). The student who is awarded and accepts the Marla Ruzicka Fellowship may not accept other University summer funding.

Requirements of acceptance of the Marla Ruzicka Fellowship include:

* Willingness to report on the fellowship throughout the summer on a weblog; and
* Completion of a paper and a public presentation about the summer experience upon return to Brown in the fall of 2011.

A Release and Waiver Form will be provided for all fellowship recipients and must be signed before the award is made. Students desiring to travel to countries on the State Department's travel warning list should schedule an appointment to meet with an OIP advisor in advance of applying for the fellowship to discuss their specific case. To do so, call 3-3555 or visit the office in J. Walter Wilson. If travel is approved, a supplementary waiver form will be required. PLEASE NOTE: Political circumstances and security situations abroad are always subject to change. Therefore, funding for travel to ANY country can be revoked at any time prior to departure if the destination is deemed by the Dean of the College, in consultation with the Director of International Programs and advisories by the US State Dept., to have become of high risk and acutely dangerous.

Application information

The deadline to apply is Friday, March 11by 5pm (EST). Please click here to return to the main fellowships page, from which the application can be accessed.

If you are also planning to apply to the Smoke , Ringer, and/or Swearer Summer Fellowships, you need only submit one application, specifying each funding opportunity for which you wish to be considered. The following documents must be submitted with your application:

1 - Proposal (not to exceed 3 pages with 12 point font, one inch margins, and 1.5 spacing), specifying:

* The work you propose to undertake
* Needs being addressed and/or relevance to contemporary global problems
* Your academic and experiential background which fits this project
* Your personal and education goals in pursuing this project

2- Resume

3- Transcript (unofficial, student-issued pasted into a Word document is fine – please ensure student name is displayed)

4 - *Letter of support (if applicable - required for students pursuing an internship) from the agency with which you will be working. The letter should specify the need that will be addressed, the work you will undertake, the extent of the support which will be available to you from the agency, and their understanding of your project.

5 - *Letter of recommendation from a Brown faculty member who is familiar with your interest and experience relevant to your proposal.

*IMPORTANT: These letters should be emailed directly from the agency and recommender to Andrew_Gammon@brown.edu by 5pm (EST) on Friday, March 11. Your application will not be considered complete until each is received.

Only when email is impossible should they be mailed to:

Andrew Gammon
Box 1970, Brown University
Providence, RI 02912

For questions please contact Andrew Gammon at Andrew_Gammon@brown.edu. Andrew holds office hours by appointment for questions and proposal guidance on Thursdays between 2-5pm.
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