PopTech Social Innovation Fellows

PopTech is a unique innovation network – a global community of cutting-edge leaders, thinkers, and doers from many different disciplines, who come together to explore the social impact of new technologies, the forces of change shaping our future, and new approaches to solving the world’s most significant challenges. We are known for our thriving community of thought-leaders, breakthrough innovation programs, visionary annual conferences and deep media and storytelling capabilities.

The PopTech Social Innovation Fellows program is designed to help fill that gap – to equip world-changing innovators with the tools, insights, visibility and social network that can help them scale their impacts to new heights.

Each year, PopTech selects 10-20 high potential change agents from around the world who are working on highly disruptive innovations in areas like healthcare, energy, development, climate, education, and civic engagement, among many others. Fellows work in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds, have a minimum
of 3-5 years experience, and are working in organizations that are well positioned for sustainable growth.

Fellows participate in an all-expenses-paid, multi-day intensive program focused on insights and tools for accelerating and scaling “big bet” innovations, such as branding, media relations, social/Web2.0 media, finance, leadership, digital storytelling, design for impact and organizational development. Interactive training sessions are led by eminent innovators and acknowledged leaders in these fields.

Fellows then participate in and present briefly at PopTech, the renowned thought leadership conference, which will take place this year from October 19-22, 2011 in Camden, Maine. Fellows receive prominent placement at the event, including arranged interviews and collaborative sessions with leading journalists and session with members of the PopTech network dedicated to helping them amplify their work and professional profile. On a year-round basis, Fellows join a dynamic alumni network and have ongoing access to faculty and peer-to-peer mentoring opportunities. These relationships have resulted in significant media coverage, grants, venture financing and organizational support for previous years’ Fellows.

This is a one-of-a-kind Fellows program designed for one-of-a-kind social innovators who have the talent, passion and potential to change the world.
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