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Growing barriers between clinical and basic research, along with the ever increasing complexities involved in conducting health research, are making it more difficult to translate new knowledge to the bedside – and back again to the bench. Considering that a broad re-engineering effort is needed to catalyze the development of health science, the BioHealth Computing Consortium is linking together Public Universities, Bioindustry Parks and Private Companies, to speed laboratory discoveries into solutions for patients. This unique network of European organizations aims to enhance the efficiency and quality of clinical and translational innovation by transforming the research and training environment in the field of public health.

BioHealth Computing EM is a one year MSc programme, open to well motivated students who have completed one year MSc course (60 ECTS), or equivalent degree in the fields of: Clinical Research, Environmental and Animal Health, Molecular Biotechnology, and Computational Mathematics. BioHealth Computing EM is organized in 2 semesters followed at two different Partner Universities, that will be both in charge of awarding credits (30:30 ECTS), and Ms degrees to the student. Each year, the courses start by an Integration Period and finish by e Summer School gathering all the students in the BioPark of Archamps-Genève Technopole. During the first semester, students take Advanced Courses in scientific fields depending on their previous degree. The second semester is dedicated to a nine months Joint Research Project, associating two students coming from two different scientific fields to solve a unique problem.

The BioHealth Computing EM is a one year MSc programme, open to well motivated students, who are top-level Bachelor completed by a first year of Master of science, in a field in relation with the scope of the master programme (for instance: Clinical research, Public health, Molecular biotechnology, Applied mathematics or related fields with a number of prerequisites in Biology and/or in Computing). The admission policy is intended to ensure equal opportunity of access to higher education for qualified European and third country students.

1. Students are required having already completed a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. degree or a nationally recognized degree equivalent to 180 ECTS) and the first year of a Master of Science (MSc degree or a nationally recognized degree equivalent to 60 ECTS), with a minimum grade of “B–“ in the ECTS grading scale (at least a score of 70%). If requested, the applicant must prove the international recognition of the mentioned Degree as equivalent to a B.Sc. + first year of Ms, and provide such official recognition translated in English. An academic equivalency may be attributed based on the professional experience of the applicant (validation of acquired experience).

2. Students are required having a fluent level in English, certified by a TOEFL score. The result has to be paper based at least 580, computer based at least 237 or internet based at least 92-93. An alternative is a minimum score of 6.5 from IELTS test. Furthermore, basic computer skills are required. The Consortium Committee can admit excellent students with a somewhat lower TOEFL (550, 213 or 79-80 respectively) or IELTS score (6.0).

he Erasmus Mundus Programme provide scholarships for students and for academics interested in performing research, teaching or other university-related work within the BioHealth Computing Master course. The online application for 2011-12 candidates starts on September, 1st, 2010, and scholarships are notified on May 2011.
Three types of Erasmus Mundus scholarships are available:
  • Category A, open to Non-European (third-country) applicants;
  • Category B, open to European applicants;
  • Academics, open to Scholars and Professors.
Category A
Non-European Students
Category B European Students
Academics Scholars
Contribution to travel, installation and other types of costs
Maximum contribution to the EM participation costs
Monthly allowance (during 12 months/year)
€1,200 per week (maximum 14,400 € for 3 months)
Jan 11th at 12:00 (GMT+2)
Apr 30th at 12:00 (GMT+2)
April 30th at 12:00 (GMT+2)

Eligible applicants countries to category A student EC scholarships are defined in the Erasmus Mundus programme, as all countries of the world with the exception of  Erasmus Mundus eligible applicant countries to category B student scholarships: i.e. the 27 EU Member States (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom), the EEA-EFTA States (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway).
Additional Scholarships will be assigned by:
  • Erasmus Mundus Programme, to applicants from the “Western Balkans and Turkey Window”, i.e. nationals of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo under UNSC Resolution 1244/99, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.
  • BioHealth Computing Consortium, to applicants whose background and interest match very closely with the priorities of the consortium. A limited number of scholarships will be granted.  
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