Global Rice Science Scholarship

The Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP), led by IRRI, AfricaRice, and CIAT in collaboration with CIRAD, IRD, JIRCAS, and 900 research and development partners worldwide, is proposed as a CGIAR Research Program to answer a specific pressing need: to increase the production, value, and quality of rice and rice products worldwide, while ensuring a healthy rice production environment for future generations.

f you are about to enroll or conduct your Ph.D. research, you could be one of the new generation of rice scientists with a 2011 Global Rice Science Scholarship (2011 GRiSS).

The 2011 GRiSS offers young agricultural scientists the opportunity to be experts in a scientific discipline and to have a broader understanding of the global issues that affect rice science for development.

This is a tremendous opportunity for scientists early in their career who are working in a national agricultural research and extension system in developing countries.

The Global Rice Science Partnership

The Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP) is a single strategic goal and work plan for global rice research.

GRiSP streamlines current research for development activities of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). GRISP aligns these initiatives with numerous partners and adds new research activities to which science can make significant contributions.

This partnership also builds the capacity of the next generation of rice scientists. Partners are advanced research institutions and universities; national research, education, and extension systems; international and regional fora and development organizations; CGIAR centers; emerging national research systems; the private sector; and civil society organizations.

Research areas: rice science and related systems research
  • Agronomy
  • Crop physiology
  • Entomology
  • Plant pathology
  • Soil and water science
  • Plant breeding
  • Social sciences

Types of scholarship
1. 3–4 years for a full Ph.D. program
2. Up to 3 years for a Ph.D. sandwich degree program

Scholarship benefits
* Round-trip airfare and related travel expenses
* Monthly stipend with local medical and accident insurance
* Research support
* Leadership and professional development funds
* University fees (with an upper limit)


All Global Rice Science Scholarships (GRiSS) are awarded on a competitive basis for developed- and developing-country candidate participation. For the GRiSS, a Selection Committee, composed of the training head or equivalent from the respective research institution, and the respective research unit heads and program leaders will guide the selection process.

Eligibility requirements

* Be outstanding scholars or students seeking a career in rice research
* Be highly qualified scientists early in their career
* Be involved in the field of rice science and related systems research
* Possess adequate proficiency in English
* Be able to complete university registration within a minimal time of scholarship being awarded
* If already enrolled and applying for a Ph.D. sandwich degree program, the applicant must also have endorsement from his/her university supervisor to participate.

Potential applicants may seek co-funding for their research and study from different sources that may provide more flexibility in their choice of a university.

We provide a gender-sensitive environment and strongly encourage women applicants.
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