Greek Scholarships for international students

Applications are invited for nationals of the following countries to study in Greece:

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Information about the scholarships available for each country can be found here


Candidates should fill in the online application available in the website http://apps.gov.gr/minedu/foreigner_scholarships

The deadline for applications is May 31st 2011 .

A number of supportive documents, translated in Greek, French or English, should be scanned and uploaded on the online application.

Successful applicants will be formally notified through the Greek embassy in their country or the embassy of their country in Athensand they will be contacted by our Office by e-mail (foitmer.yp@minedu.gov.gr).

The names of successful applicants will be also announced in http://apps.gov.gr/minedu/foreigner_scholarships

The scholarships are:

Monthly allowance:
500€, for undergraduate studies and
550€, for postgraduate studies or for research.
One-off allowance for settlement expenses:
500€, for those who shall be settled to Athens and
550€, for those who study away from Athens.

Scholarships for summer seminars in Language and Civilization cover all expenses (tuition fees, accommodation, food allowance, as well as their participation in cultural events).Travel expenses are not covered. Undergraduate Students are exempted from tuition fees. The scholarships for undergraduate studies cover tuition fees for master’s degrees covered by state budget only.

Age limits:

25 year’s old for undergraduate studies
40 year’s old for postgraduate studies, research or summer seminar

The deputy minister for Higher Education, Research and Innovation
Professor Ioannis Panaretos


Minister’s office
Deputy Minister’s Offices
Directorate of International Educational Relations-Department of Educational Exchanges
Directorate of Studies and Student Welfare, Department B'
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