Harbin Engineering University Scholarship

Harbin Engineering University Scholarship (short for HEU Scholarship) was established by Harbin Engineering University, aiming to encourage and support excellent foreign students to study at Harbin Engineering University.

International Exchange & Cooperation Office is authorized by Harbin Engineering University to be responsible for the acceptance, review and approval of scholarship applications as well as the annual review of the Scholarship for foreign students who are studying at or applying for admission to Harbin Engineering University.

1. Eligibility
Students who are applying for Harbin Engineering University must be Non-Chinese citizen or from Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macao.

2. Details of HEU Scholarship
1) Full Scholarship: Free Tuition plus providing with living expenses.
(Standard of Living expense:
Bachelor candidate: 1400yuan RMB /month;
Master candidate: 1700yuan RMB /month;
Doctoral candidate: 2000yuan RMB /month.)
2) First Prize Scholarship: Free tuition.
3) Second Prize Scholarship: 50% deduction from tuition fees.

3. Application Materials
1) Filled in “HEU Application Form for International Students” and “Application Form for HEU Scholarship” (http://studyheu.hrbeu.edu.cn);
2) Passport photocopy;
3) The notarized graduation certificate (photocopy);
4) The notarized Transcript of Academic Record(photocopy);
5) HSK grade certificate copy (except students being taught in English);
6) For students who applied for master or doctoral degree, must provide with student’s degree certificate photocopy, topic of graduation thesis as well as its abstract in English, and the recommendation letters by two professors of the targeted major from the original university (in English or in Chinese).

4. Application Process
1. Keep-on-studying International Students
(1) According to the students’ conditions, they themselves get the “Application Form for HEU International Student Scholarship” from International Students’ Section of the IECO (the application form for short) (which can be downloaded from the website: http://studyHEU.hrbeu.edu.cn);

(2) After completing the application form, please submit the complete application form and transcript of last academic year to your college or department. Master or PhD candidates should submit two recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors in the research field as well.

2. New International Students Applying to HEU
(1)According to the their conditions, foreign students apply for admission, at the same time, they should have an application from International Students’ Section of the IECO;

(2)After filling in the application form, please submit the completed application form, photocopy of passport and corresponding transcripts by post to IECO of HEU. The applicants for Master or PhD programs should submit their graduation certificates or diploma, the topic and abstract of graduation thesis as well as two recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors in the relating research fields.

3. The deadline of application is the end of May each year. In general, the assessment of scholarship will be held in June. Please pay attention to the university notice.

4. After finishing the degree program, the keep-on-studying HEU scholarship students, with the excellent achievements and planning to apply for the higher degree at HEU, will have priority to participate in the selection of scholarship.
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