Jennings Randolph Peace Scholarship Dissertation Program

The Jennings Randolph (JR) Program for International Peace awards nonresidential Peace Scholar Dissertation Scholarships to students at U.S. universities who are writing doctoral dissertations on topics related to peace, conflict, and international security.

Each year the program awards approximately ten Peace Scholar Fellowships. Fellowships last for 10 months starting in September. Fellowships are open to citizens of any country.

Dissertation projects in all disciplines are welcome.

he program was organized around six themes central to the work of the incoming class of Senior Fellows and Peace Scholars: "Why Do States Behave as They Do?"; "Understanding Local Variations in Violence"; "Armed Groups, Civilians, and Displaced People: How Relations Between them Hamper or Further Peace-Building"; "Political and Economic Arrangements after Wars"; "Understanding Radicalization, Insurgency and the Forces that Oppose Them"; and "Post-Conflict Justice, Memory and Reconciliation, and Pedagogies of Peace-Building."

The program also included a breakfast discussion for Peace Scholars on how their program can be developed to meet more professional needs beyond financial support for dissertation work; presentations on new projects and issue areas at USIP; and a visit to the site of the new Headquarters building on the Mall.
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