Roland Hemond Scholarship at University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is pleased to partner with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago to offer a scholarship program. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago provides programs and services that create a safe environment for the youth of the Chicago area. Through these opportunities, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago promotes education and character development.

This scholarship is named in honor of Roland Hemond, who has been of part of the Chicago community since joining the White Sox organization in 1971. During his long baseball career, he has touched many lived through his continuous service to the community.

Through this scholarship program, five (5) full-tuition scholarships will be offered. Each scholarship will allow a prospective student the opportunity to complete an undergraduate or master’s degree program at University of Phoenix. Recipients may choose to attend a University of Phoenix on-ground campus or may attend University of Phoenix online.

Applicants for the scholarship must demonstrate the following to be considered:

  1. Applicants who reside in the United States must meet one of the following requirements: be a legal resident of the United States; have been granted permanent residency; have a valid visa that does not prohibit educational studies; have been granted temporary protected status along with approved Notice of Action issued by Citizen Immigration Services and verified through CIS Form g-845; or have been granted asylum along with the approved Notice of Action issued by the Citizen Immigration Services.
  2. Applicants must be affiliated with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago (member/alumni, staff, parent or volunteer).
  3. Applicants must not be receiving any other scholarship from Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago.
  4. Applicants, once enrolled, must not receive a total of 100% tuition reimbursement from any source(s) including but not limited to: corporate reimbursement, other scholarships and/or private grants with the exception of Veteran’s Administration GI benefits or Veteran’s Administration Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits and Title IV financial aid funding.
  5. Applicants must not be currently enrolled nor in the process of enrolling at any University of Phoenix campus or in any online program at any time prior to the scholarship award date. Applicants who enroll after submitting an application or before the scholarship award date are not eligible to be a recipient of this scholarship.
  6. Applicants must meet all admissions requirements of the University of Phoenix.
  7. Applicants must not be an employee or family member of an employee of Apollo Group, Inc., University of Phoenix, Western International University, Institute for Professional Development or any other subsidiary of Apollo Group, Inc.
  8. Applicants must submit a complete, signed application, together with all supporting documentation by the deadline date listed under the Selection Process section. The completion of the application form does not create an obligation to award a scholarship to applicant.
  9. Applicants must submit completed essays as described in the Essay section. High importance will be placed on the applicant’s desire to advance in their education, with an emphasis on furthering their careers, and their impact in the community in which they reside.
  10. Applicants must submit one letter of recommendation as described in the Letter of Recommendation section.
  1. This scholarship opportunity is in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago, a non-profit organization and the scholarship process is managed by a staff member at Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago. The process includes, but is not limited to, application creation, application submission, selection committee formation and recipient list finalization. The application and any additional information submitted by eligible applicants will be subject to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago privacy and confidentiality policies, if any.
  2. The recipient of this scholarship will be selected by the scholarship selection committee consisting of representatives from University of Phoenix and/or Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago. Non-staff members may assist in the selection committee process.
  3. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit a complete and signed application along with all the supporting documentation, which must be received on or before the deadline date specified below. The scholarship selection committee accepts no responsibility for incomplete applications, applications not in proper form, lost applications, or any other submission in exception to the above instructions.
  4. The scholarship award will be based on the committee’s scores of the overall quality of the application and the scholarship essay(s). The higher the average score, the higher the probability of selection.
  5. Scholarship selection shall be made without regard to age, race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or disability.
  6. The decision of the scholarship selection committee is final and not subject to a review process.
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