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IMT (Institutions Markets Technologies) Lucca Institute for Advanced Studies is an open, competitive graduate school designed to best integrate research, education and innovation.

Founded in the city of Lucca in Tuscany, Italy, IMT was founded as independent institution in November 2005 by way of a partnership between four leading Italian universities (Politecnico di Milano, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa, Universit√† di Pisa, Universit√† LUISS Guido Carli, Roma) and the Fondazione Lucchese per l’Alta Formazione e la Ricerca (FLAFR), a private foundation in Lucca which aims to promote social and economic growth in Italy via higher education.

IMT mission is to produce scientific and technological knowledge in areas marked by a lack of technological applications and skilled human capital.

Ph.D. programs and research labs at IMT focus on processes of institutional and technological change, with particular reference to economics, political and social sciences, computer sciences and engineering.

IMT’s teaching and working language is English.

Duration: 3 years

Note for scholarship recipients:

In the event of a withdrawal or missed enrollment of an applicant in possession of a scholarship granted before the beginning of the Ph.D. course, the first eligible applicant without scholarship - according to the general ranking - will be granted the scholarship.

In case of withdrawal of a Ph.D. student in possession of a scholarship during the Ph.D. course:
The first eligible applicant without scholarship according to the general ranking will be granted the residual part of the scholarship;

The Ph.D. student granted the original scholarship will be required to reimburse the amount paid for the period during which the Ph.D. student did not attend courses and/or take part in the activities defined by the Scientific Board.

  • Ph.D. students that have already been awarded a scholarship for an Italian Ph.D. Program cannot receive another scholarship in the event of enrollment in a new Italian Ph.D. Program;
  • Scholarships cannot be combined with other scholarships awarded for any purpose, except for those obtained to support research activity during the study abroad period;
  • Scholarships may be withdrawn in the event of exclusion from the School and at the end of each year if Ph.D. student performance is not deemed satisfactory by the Scientific Board.
  • In the event of authorized late enrollment, the scholarship starts from the date of enrollment (and ends at the official end of the PhD Program.


Applications are open to applicants who meet the herein mentioned requirements, without regard to religion, nationality, age, or gender.

Very good level of English language is compulsory.

Foreign degrees are considered and their eligibility is assessed by the Selection Committee.
The minimum duration of university studies is equivalent to four years full time.
If admitted, foreign degree holders are required to hand in a "Dichiarazione di valore"*. This document is not required to apply (see documents for enrollment).

How to submit:

1. To apply, applicants must first register their personal data.
Applicants will then receive a validation e-mail containing their password and the basic instructions for the submission procedure.

2. Application Procedure
The first time applicants access their account, they will be requested to choose the Ph.D. Program(s) for which they intend to apply. For those applying to more than one Ph.D. Program, basic personal information will not change between individual PhD applications. Applicants will be free to switch from one application to another as they wish.

Applicants are not allowed to submit more than one application to the same Ph.D. Program or to register twice with different e-mail addresses and/or different names.

Before their final submission, applicants have the possibility to modify and save their inserted information whenever they wish.

In order to submit the application form, applicants must insert all the mandatory data marked with an asterisk (*).

3. Submission
We strongly recommend applicants to review the inserted information and uploaded attachments before submitting the application. No changes are allowed to submitted data after the deadline. Erroneous data and/or attachments will be evaluated as they are submitted.

Please note that applicants are responsible for ensuring that their completed application arrives on time. We strongly suggest applicants to submit their application well in advance of the deadline in order to avoid last-minute congestion in the online application procedure.

The Selection Committee for each Ph.D. Program is appointed by the Director of the School on recommendation of the Scientific Board.

The Selection Committee will decide score assignment criteria and minimum eligibility scores before the selection process.

The initial selection phase will be carried out with a thorough assessment of all the presented documentation. Once short listed, applicants will be required to participate in a comprehensive interview in English in order to assess their aptitude for research.

For the interview, resident abroad applicants can stay in IMT's guest quarters. They may also ask to hold the interview in their country of residence (c/o Italian Embassies or Universities) via conference call.

Notification of admitted candidates for interviews as well as a schedule indicating date, time and precise venue shall be provided as soon as possible on the School's Official Notice Board and on this web site.

Please note: before the interview foreign degree holders are required to prove that they have started the "Dichiarazione di valore" request procedure with the Italian diplomatic representative in the country where the degree has been issued

General ranking list and evaluation results will be published on the School's Official Notice Board and on this website.

The list will provide the names of the applicants who have been admitted to the Ph.D. Program as well as the names of eligible applicants that may be admitted in the event that one or more admitted students withdraw. Applicants are therefore invited to consult the website frequently. In the event of withdrawal or exclusion within 60 days from the beginning of the Ph.D. course, the first eligible applicant according to the general ranking will be eligible to enrol. In the event of withdrawal or exclusion within the first four months, the Scientific Board can fill the vacant position(s) with the first eligible applicant(s) according to the general ranking.
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