The William T Southcott Scholarship

The scholarship will be offered to an outstanding postgraduate research student to undertake research leading to a PhD in the field of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering or related discipline. The scholarship is a prestigious award, and the recipient should have an outstanding academic record as well as leadership potential and personal attributes suitable for the award. The recipient will be required to be an ambassador for the University and may be required to give presentations to the manufacturing industry.

The value of this scholarship is AUD$35,000 per annum for a period of 3 years consisting of an annual stipend of $32,000 (tax free) and an annual amount of $3,000 towards research costs such as conferences, overseas study and minor expenses.

The annual stipend will be paid on a fortnightly basis. The $32,000 stipend is tax free and will be administered through the University of South Australia's Graduate Research Centre and will be paid fortnightly in arrears. The $3,000 budget for research costs will be administered through the School of Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering.

Selection and application details (RTF file)
Closing date

31 October (Australian applicants)
31 August (international applicants)
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