The Whitley Awards at The Whitley Fund for Nature

A Whitley Award is a top nature conservation prize, designed to provide the winner with:

• International recognition that enhances profile and credibility
• Worldwide media visibility for their project and the issues it addresses
• Financial support to pursue ongoing and proven conservation work
• A supportive international network of other Whitley Award winners and Friends through which to solicit advice and support.

• The opportunity to reapply to WFN, subject to meeting conditions of grant, for Continuation Funding in future years. WFN currently gives competitive grants totalling £500,000 on average per annum to previous Whitley Award winners in support of the most effective ongoing work.

At each Whitley Award Ceremony there are up to nine Whitley Awards of £30,000 each, plus the Whitley Gold Award. As of 2011/12 the Gold Award will be awarded to a previous Whitley Award winner in recognition of outsanding achievement in the field of biodiversity conservation. This year, applicants to the Whitley Awards are, therefore, not eligible for the Gold Award.

When are they given?
Whitley Awards are awarded at the Whitley Awards Ceremony, hosted by WFN patron, HRH The Princess Royal. The Ceremony is held annually at the Royal Geographical Society, and usually takes place in May, following interview of the finalists.

Who is it for?
Whitley Awards were developed to recognise effective leaders and communicators from around the world who are applying sustained, effective effort to conserve the natural environment. Conservation needs success stories and champions, and the Whitley Award winner network is a celebration of success taking place all over the world. WFN supports conservationists who already have proven results behind them and are ready to scale up their success and activities.

Our grants are focused, and through Whitley Awards and Continuation Funding we aim to:

• identify and fund some of the world’s most dynamic grassroots conservation leaders, nationals who understand the issues facing the region they aim to affect;
• support work rooted in proven science which also strongly emphasises community-led responses to environmental challenges;
• help winners to raise their profile, extend their personal network and educate others, often through raising awareness; and
• inspire donors by highlighting success stories from around the world, as well as the threats to wild nature.

The projects we fund are pragmatic, have long-lasting impacts and aim to fully include local communities in wildlife and habitat conservation. Every applicant and project is considered on their own merits. However, there are a number of premises which guide selection and it is recommended you read this information carefully before applying. Please see the Application process section for details.

Continuation Funding
WFN actively encourages winners to secure sustainable sources of project funding from a wide range of funders. However, we are aware of the limited resources available for nature conservation and the fierce competition that exists. Continuation Funding is intended to allow previous Whitley Award winners to be able continue their work where outstanding contributions to nature conservation are being made.

Continuation Funding is only available to previous winners of a Whitley Award. If you are interested in applying for Continuation Funding, please see the Application process section for further details.

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